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When it comes to bowling alleys, you can never go wrong with AMF Town & Country Lanes Columbia, MO. It is located at 1508 N Providence Rd, Columbia, MO 65203. This Long-standing chain has everything from casual food to a separate bar, leagues, and parties. You’ll love the friendly staff and plenty of options for entertainment. In addition to traditional bowling, this location is also a great choice for family outings. 

AMF Town & Country Bowling Center is a bowling alley in Columbia, Missouri, that has been around since 1990. This bowling center features traditional bowling on 32 lanes with an updated flooring package and paint scheme. It also has newly renovated restrooms and a separate bar with plenty of seating. It also offers a game room and other amenities to ensure that players have a great time.

In addition to traditional bowling on 32 lanes, you can play billiards, laser tag, and interactive arcade games. This center is a great place for families and kids to hang out. There are also many other options for a family outing, including a private party room. First Fridays in Columbia are a great time to check out the fine arts, and you can enjoy local artists in their studios.

The Separate Bar at AMF Town & Country Lanes is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail after a game of bowling. The bar serves a wide selection of beer and wine and is conveniently located near the alley. The alley has recently undergone a major renovation and now boasts a newly installed flooring package and paint. Its separate bar features ample seating and a game room.

The AMF Town & Country Lanes is located at 1508 N Providence Rd, Columbia MO 65203. It is one of the few bowling alleys in the area that offers a separate bar. This Columbia, Missouri, establishment serves a variety of food and beverages. You can enjoy a drink at the bar while you bowl, or you can go to the nearby AMF Town & Country Lanes restaurant for a meal and some drinks.

AMF Bowling Center in Columbia, MO, has been cited for violations of its COVID-19 health order. Recently remodeled restrooms and a separate bar with ample seating are just a couple of the changes that were made. The bowling center has also been the subject of three complaints in the last month.

Enjoy traditional bowling in a relaxed atmosphere at this Long-standing chain of bowling alleys. Bowlers can choose from a variety of bowling leagues, casual dining, and beer or pitcher specials. Bowling is a great way to bring friends and family together for a fun night out. AMF Town & Country Lanes Columbia MO features league play and party events.

The center has recently undergone renovation, with updated paint and a new flooring package. For added convenience, the alley also includes a separate bar, ample seating, and a game room. The location is located in a historic building with a friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to get to from Columbia by car or public transit. 

Are you looking for fun places to eat and have fun in Columbia, Missouri area? Then, AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO may be right for you. AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO is a well-known family-friendly restaurant that serves great food and excellent service.

Locals will enjoy dining at the restaurant. Many American classics and new options will delight your taste buds.

AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO is the right choice if your goal is to have fun and compete. The bowling lanes are an excellent venue for group events or corporate parties. Customers can also enjoy the arcade games if they feel lucky. AMF Town & Country Lanes offers a beautiful place to spend your time, regardless of age.

AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO can host any event. They are friendly and helpful and willing to help you make your event a success.

AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO has delicious food. You will find a variety of American classics and new options that are sure to satisfy all tastes. The classic chicken wings, for example, are fantastic.

AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO is a great place to meet new people and have delicious food while watching your favorite sports. In addition, you can enjoy a beer or wine while you watch the game in their Sports Bar.

There are also classic arcades and newer games. You thought arcade games were gone forever. You might be wrong! AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO is bringing arcade games to life. The arcade is filled with old-school favorites and state-of-the-art video gaming. Enjoy your favorite games, find new ones, and play popular titles such as Jurassic Park Arcade and Mario Kart. Grab your credits and load the arcade card. Then, have fun!

AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO has Billiards for those who want to relax. You can practice your tricks or play with friends. Even if you are still an amateur, the tables’ premium cloth covers allow you to play as a professional.


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You will find many things and places near AMF Town & Country Lanes – MO, Columbia, Missouri. These are the top attractions in Columbia, Missouri. 

  • Built in 1928, the Missouri Theatre is a historic theatre. The Missouri Theatre is centrally located in Columbia. It’s one of the best live entertainment venues in town. It can hold 1,600 guests and is home to various entertainments, including plays and dance performances.
  • University of Missouri System’s flagship campus is located in Columbia. The largest university in Missouri, it is situated in Columbia. It has over 3000 students, including more than 100 international students.
  • Columbia Mall is Columbia’s largest mall. The Columbia Mall is located in the town’s south end and houses over 130 shops and restaurants. Macy’s and JCPenney are the anchors of this mall, as well as Sears and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Downtown Columbia is considered the heart of Columbia. This district is home to many restaurants, bars, and other businesses. In addition, it is home to Missouri University.
  • Stephens Lake Park features walking trails, a park, and a pavilion. It is found on Columbia’s north side and is one of the most visited parks.
  • Tourists can find Boone County Fairgrounds on the West Side of Town. They are the home to the Boone County Fair. Other events are also held at the fairgrounds, including carnivals and concerts.
  • Faurot Field is the University of Missouri’s football field. The stadium is situated on campus and can hold 71,168 people. It is the home of the Missouri Tigers football club.
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport, which is on the northeastern side of the town, is the airport. It serves Columbia and surrounding areas and offers both international and domestic flights.
  • Columbia is home to the Missouri River, which flows through it. It’s one of Missouri’s main waterways. It is famous for canoeing, fishing, and swimming.
  • A 12-mile trail running along the banks and banks of Hinkson Creek is the Hinkson Creek Trail. This trail is excellent for running, cycling, hiking, and biking.
  • Columbia’s 12-mile MKT Nature and Fitness Trail run along the streets. This trail is excellent for running and walking.
  • Cosmo Park features large parks with a lake, walking trails, and a playground and pavilion. It is found on Columbia’s south side and is the most visited park in Columbia.
  • Mill Creek Streamway Park runs for three miles along Mill Creek. It is famous for running and walking.

After seeing these beautiful places and attractions in Columbia, Missouri, you will be ready to relax at AMF Town and Country Lanes – MO. Remember that this itinerary should be included when you visit Columbia, Missouri! Follow This Article


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