Commercial Roofing Systems

PVC Membrane

50/60/80 MIL
$ 4-8 per sq. ft
  • #1 Performing Industry Membrane
  • Designed For Flat Roofs
  • Warranty Up to 30 Years

TPO Membrane

40/60/80 MIL
$ 4-6 per sq. ft
  • Industry's Fastest Growing Membrane
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost Efficient

Metal Restoration

Fully Sealed Roofing System
$ 2-3 per sq. ft
  • Highly Cost-Efficient
  • Fully-Sealed System
  • Metal Life Extension

Spray Foam

1-2 in. Thick Roofing Substrate
$ 2-4 per sq. ft
  • Low Labor Costs
  • Re-newable
  • Self-Insulating


These prices reflect only general estimates of average prices. The cost of your roof may be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are: 

  • Existing Type Of Roof
  • Type Of Roof
  • Access To Roof
  • Age Of Roof
  • Location Of Roof
  • Type Of Warranty Selected


Taking these factors into consideration, hopefully you can get a ballpark view of how much it is going got cost to replace or install your new roof. To learn more about each commercial roofing system, feel free to talk with us, we want to earn your business.

Your roof is an investment

Protect that investment by choosing a roofing system that performs over years and saves you time and money.

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Our Commercial Roofing Services

PVC Membrane

The industry leading single-ply membrane for flat commercial roofs, with warrantees up to 25 years.


Tpo membrane

A popular cost-effective single-ply membrane for building owners and flat roof home-owners. 

metal restoration

Fully sealed metal restoration system extending the life of your metal roof saving you thousands of dollars. 

spray foam and coatings

A lightweight durable solution for application over existing roof surfaces with lower labor costs.

roof maintenance contractor roofing columbia mo

full roof tear-off

We will take on any roof tear-off or structual related issues saving you time and money.

Metal Installation

Whether you need a whole roof replaced or need a new building face, we can help you.