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Titan Roofing offers premium asphalt shingle roofing to Springfield and the surrounding areas. Our experienced crew of professional roofers can provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions for all your residential or commercial needs. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, ensuring that you will be satisfied with our end results. With years of experience in the field, we know how to get the job done right every time.

At Titan Roofing, customer service is always top priority. We understand that selecting an asphalt shingle roof can be overwhelming; that’s why we take the time to answer any questions concerning specific types of materials used or their associated costs up front so there are no surprises down the line! All estimates are free – just contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer you. Schedule your free estimate with Springfield’s trusted roofing company now and start taking advantage of our superior services!

Brand We Work With

At Titan Roofing, we know that when it comes to choosing the right asphalt shingle roofing solutions for your home and business, you want quality materials backed by trusted brands. That is why we proudly partner with Atlas, a top industry-leader in asphalt shingle innovation. Customers who select Atlas products also benefit from Scotchguard protection — a sealant that prevents mold and mildew buildup caused by algae growth on surfaces. Our clients can rest assured that whichever brand they choose will provide years of dependable service as well as beauty and value.

Types of Asphalt Shingle Roofs We Install

Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab asphalt shingles are a cost-effective roofing solution that offer benefits to homeowners, such as durability and an attractive appearance. Owens Corning Supreme three tab shingles provide maximum protection from the elements and come with peace of mind knowing your product is from one of the best names in the industry. With so many color options, these shingles also match different house styles – ultimately creating an aesthetically pleasing final look on any home.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Architectural asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials for residential homeowners. Not only are they relatively easy to install, but their durable composition and sleek design offer long-term protection from the elements with style and elegance. Atlas roofing offers three distinctive architectural asphalt shingle lines: Atlas Prolam, Atlas Pinnacle Pristine, and Atlas Stormmaster Shake shingles. Each specializes in its own performance strength – all providing resistance to fluctuating temperatures and natural wear & tear. With these carefully crafted products you can rest assured that your home will be well–protected for years to come!

Premium Asphalt Shingles

Premium asphalt shingles provide a durable, energy efficient roof covering for your home that is both attractive and cost effective. Their multi-layered construction adds strength and helps shed water more effectively than standard single layer asphalt shingles. CertainTeed Presidential Shake shingles offer the look of cedar shakes with none of their drawbacks – like excessive maintenance and susceptibility to fire. These heavyweight designer shingles are backed by the CertainTeed name, offering peace of mind for years to come.

Impact Resistant Asphalt Shingles

Impact resistant asphalt shingles are a smart choice for homeowners who want to protect their roof from the perils of severe weather. These rugged and durable shingles provide exceptional protection against hail, wind-blown debris, and other forces that can damage or dislodge normal asphalt shingle roofs. Atlas Stormmaster Shake shingles in particular offer superior impact resistance along with an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic. Homeowners will enjoy increased peace of mind knowing they have reliable protection from mother nature’s worst.

The Pros and Cons of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Pros of Asphalt Shingles

  • Low cost: Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive compared to other roofing materials.
  • Easy installation: Asphalt shingles can be installed by a homeowner or professional in a short amount of time, making them an ideal choice for those who want to replace their roof quickly.
  • Versatility: Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to customize their roof’s look according to their own taste.

Cons of Asphalt Shingles

  • Longevity: Asphalt shingles typically last for about 15 to 30 years, so unless you perform regular maintenance and get them replaced, you may end up needing to replace your roof much sooner than with other materials.
  • Durability: Hail, wind, and tree branches can easily damage asphalt shingle roofs, requiring costly repairs or replacement. Additionally, they can be susceptible to mold growth if not properly maintained.

Asphalt Shingle Roof FAQs

A new asphalt shingle roof installation in Springfield will generally cost between $400 and $600 per square. The total cost of your new roof will depend on the size of your roof, the type of shingle you choose, and a variety of other factors that our experts will take into consideration when creating your estimate.
Architectural asphalt shingles are the most popular type of shingle among Springfield residents. These shingles strike an excellent balance between affordability, durability, and style making them an excellent choice for any homeowner.
Depending on the type of shingle you choose to have installed on your home, you can expect a shingle roof to last between 18 to 25 years on average.

At Titan Roofing in Springfield, we strive to provide our customers with outstanding service and top-of-the-line materials. From asphalt shingle roofs to metal roof systems, you can rest assured knowing your property is being covered by industry professionals that care about the outcome of your project. With years of experience as certified installers, we guarantee satisfaction with every job. Our team also offers 24/7 emergency services for severe weather conditions like hail or high winds.

Schedule a free estimate today and be on your way to giving your home the longevity, durability, and protection it deserves!