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Titan Roofing is Springfield’s go-to contractor for metal roofing solutions. We specialize in custom installations and repairs of metal roofs, protecting homes from the elements using only top quality materials. Our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of metal roof installation, guaranteeing that you are getting the best results every time.

With Titan Roofing, rest assured that your home will stay safe and secure during even the most extreme weather conditions. We take pride in our craftsmanship, providing personalized services tailored to each individual customer’s needs so that whatever project you have in mind is completed to your satisfaction. Contact Springfield’s experienced metal roofers today for a free estimate and see how we can help protect your home with reliable metal roofing solutions!

What Are the Advantages of Metal Roofs?

Metal Roofs are Energy Efficient

A metal roof can increase your energy efficiency and save you money on utility bills. With proper insulation, metal roofs hold in heat during the winter months, thus reducing energy costs associated with heating your home. During the summer months, when the sun is shining brightly and temperatures soar, a metal roof helps protect against solar radiant heat gain while reflectivity ensures less of your precious air-conditioned air escapes outside.

Metal Roofs are Durable and Long-Lasting

Metal roofing provides unmatched durability and longevity, making it one of the most reliable and cost-effective roofing solutions. Constructed from strong materials such as steel or aluminum, metal roofs are designed to last 50 years or more with minimal maintenance required. Unlike asphalt shingle roofs that need frequent repairs and replacement due to weather wear and tear, metal roofs can withstand extreme temperatures and high winds without buckling or breaking over time.

Metal Roofs are Eco-Friendly

Metal roofing is an eco-friendly choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. Metal roofs reflect more solar radiation than other materials, meaning they require less energy to cool a home during hot weather. Additionally, metal roofs can last up to five times longer with minimal maintenance required compared to conventional shingle materials that are replaced every 15 years or so. With recyclable material options such as steel and aluminum available on the market, metal roofing provides homeowners with a sustainable option for long-term climate control without sacrificing aesthetics.

Types of Metal Roofs We Install

At Titan Roofing, we offer several types of roofs made from different types of metal. You can choose a new roof made of aluminum or steel in the following types:

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing is a long-lasting, lightweight and cost efficient material that provides superior protection to homes against weather elements such as rain, hail and wind. Its simple installation makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to quickly upgrade or replace their existing roof. Corrugated metal roofs provide excellent energy efficiency due to their unique design which helps keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With its low maintenance requirements, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that these durable roofs will protect their home for decades!

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a long-lasting option for homes due to its durability and resilience. This type of roofing features raised ribs that run vertically from the eave up to the ridge line, creating an improved protection against water infiltration as well as a distinct visual design. No exposed fasteners are visible on standing seam roofs, providing greater security and wind resistance. Homeowners managing extreme weather can rest easy knowing their home has increased durability and longevity through using standing seam metal roofs compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Exposed fastener metal roofing is a reliable and practical solution for residential roofs. The system utilizes metallic panels which are secured to the rafters or purlins of your home via screws or rivets that become visible after installation, thus giving it its name. This simple yet powerful technology provides superior protection from harsh weather elements while requiring minimal maintenance over the life of the roof. Benefits range from increased energy efficiency – thanks to reflective metallic surfaces – to longer lifespan compared with other materials, as well as overall cost savings due to reduced frequency of repairs and replacements down the line.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are an increasingly popular roofing choice among homeowners due to their durability, longevity and affordability. These types of shingles are available in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your home’s exterior while still taking advantage of the strong protection they offer. Metal shingles also provide superior resistance against fire and harsh weather conditions, which can help safeguard your home from damage for years to come.

Metal Roof FAQs

The average cost to install a metal roof in Springfield will be around $14,000 but will depend on a variety of factors including the specific roofing system you choose and the size of your roof.
The most popular style of metal roof in Springfield is a standing seam metal roof. These roofs offer superior durability and their sleek aesthetic and variety of color options make them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to add that modern pop to their exterior.
The most obvious disadvantage of choosing a metal roof is the initial investment. Metal roofs are expensive upfront, but can last 50 years or more when properly installed and maintained making them a great choice for any homeowner.

At Titan Roofing in Springfield, we strive to provide our customers with outstanding service and top-of-the-line materials. From asphalt shingle roofs to metal roof systems, you can rest assured knowing your property is being covered by industry professionals that care about the outcome of your project. With years of experience as certified installers, we guarantee satisfaction with every job. Our team also offers 24/7 emergency services for severe weather conditions like hail or high winds.

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