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Have you been looking for a roofing company that can help with your commercial or residential roof repair?

Roofing is one of the essential parts of a commercial building. It protects your business from weather and is there to keep you safe when bad storms come in, and it is crucial to find a commercial roofing contractor in Columbia, Missouri, you can trust. In addition, if you own a commercial property, it’s essential to have a roofing company that knows how to spot problems and fix them before they become costly.

Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing contractors in Columbia, MO, provide a variety of roofing services. We can help you select the best type of shingle, tile, or other coverage for your commercial building. In addition, you should hire us to inspect the condition of your roof before deciding on any repairs or replacements.

Our company is a full-service commercial roofing contractor in Columbia, Missouri. We specialize in all types of roof repairs and installation services for both residential and commercial customers. Our highly trained staff has years of experience working with flat roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, EPDM rubber roofs, TPO membranes and more.

Titan Commercial and Residential Roofing is a roofer company that services Columbia, MO. They specialize in commercial roofs for large buildings like schools or office complexes because they have the experience to handle these types of jobs with ease!

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It’s hard to believe that your roof is at the forefront of public appearance, but it’s true. With the average homeowner spending roughly 90% of their time indoors, the aesthetic appeal of your roof is essential. That’s why finding a high-quality commercial and residential roofing contractor in Columbia, MO, is necessary.

For commercial property owners, it’s essential to know that good-quality roofing material will ensure safety and longevity concerning their new roof project. Some of the best materials for commercial applications include metal, asphalt shingle, slate, and clay.

Metals such as standing-seam are highly reflective of the sun’s heat, making it a good choice for hot climates or lots of solar exposure. Metal roofs also have other benefits that make them desirable for new roof construction: they hold up well in windy areas and don’t require any exterior maintenance job. Some types of metal roofing, such as copper or tin, are also prized for their look when aged to form an antique patina. The downside is that this type can be pricey and requires some expertise in metal roof installation.

Asphalt shingle roof offers less wind resistance than metal but is more affordable. They are still highly durable, but they lack the reflective properties that metal has and can’t be aged to look antique.

Slate is a popular roofing material in cold climates because it’s naturally fireproof and offers excellent wind resistance with no maintenance required between 20-30 years. It also lasts longer than other types of roofs and has a pleasing exterior look.

There are different contractors for every type of roofing issue. You should research the company to make sure they have a good reputation and use quality products in their job and projects. Some things you’ll want to ask when interviewing potential companies include their workmanship, warranties, insurance coverage, and customer satisfaction rates.

We at Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing have been in the roofing industry for over the years. We have a wide variety of commercial and residential projects that we’ve completed with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We specialize in metal roof replacement, roof installation, repair, and more. Contact us at (573) 282-7727 to get free roof estimates!

While most of our clients are local, we serve various clients from all across the country. Why do you think we have such a diverse and far-reaching business? We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products, regardless of distance. We understand that when your roof is damaged or needs replacement, you need it done quickly and correctly, and that is what we offer.

In Titan Commercial and Residential Roofing, the goal is to provide roofing expertise and superb work. In addition, our mission is to provide our customers with the best service roofing systems standards, and most of all, we want our customers to be aware of their roofing-related decisions and have assurance in the roofing systems chosen.

We’re just located at 3610 Buttonwood Dr #200 Columbia, MO 65201, and some of our services are Commercial Roofing, Flat Roofing, Metal Restoration Roofing, New Construction Roofing, Commercial Roofing Experts, and more. 

Call us today at (417) 446 2198 for Free Commercial Roof Estimates and Consulting. Expect quality works here in Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing.

Do you have a commercial building in Columbia, Missouri, that needs roofing services? We at Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing provide roofing services for commercial buildings such as warehouses, malls and office complexes.

A qualified commercial roofing expert in Columbia, MO, will be able to identify what types of damages need to be repaired right away. You should also consider hiring Titan Commercial and Residential Roofing contractor if you have had storm damage or hail damage that has caused leaks in your ceiling or damaged areas around the edges of your roof. Contact us today!