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Metal Roof Installation Columbia Missouri

Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing company is a family-owned and operated business that has been in Columbia, Missouri, for over the years. They specialize in metal roof installation, which can be an excellent choice for many applications. If you are interested in having them install your metal roof or if you would like more information about their commercial roofing services, please contact Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing contractor at (573) 282-7727 for free roof estimates and free consultation.

Relying on a metal roof installation to protect your commercial business is one of the best ways of ensuring that it will withstand anything nature throws at it. For many commercial business owners, the primary reason for installing a metal roof is its durability and what it can do to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity levels. Best yet, when it comes to metal roof installation in Columbia, Missouri, Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing Company is your go-to expert. Our professional roofers are highly trained and experienced, providing you with the best service possible for your commercial property needs.

What is a Metal Roof in Columbia, MO?

A metal roofing system consists of galvanized steel panels with an asphalt-saturated felt backing and can provide long-term protection against windstorms, hailstorms, and heavy rain. If you are considering installing a metal roof on your commercial building, you can choose from various colors because these roofs come in many different shades. In addition, many metal roofing materials can be used to make a metal roof, including copper, steel, aluminum, and zinc.

In Titan Commercial and Residential Roofing, we install metal roofs made from steel and copper. The process starts by removing the existing roofing and installing a new layer of felt underlayment which provides insulation for your home or commercial building. The next step is to cover a water-resistant membrane such as rubberized asphalt matting or tar paper sheets applied in overlapping layers.

The metal is then installed in panels that are fastened together with screws or bolts to make a watertight seal. There are three standard types of metal: painted galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. Finally, the roof is affixed to the sides of your building using either soldered seams, a lock seam, or seamed joints.

The last step is to apply the roofing finish, a tar-based plastic coating, zinc plating, aluminum paint, or copper patina, depending on what you want your metal roof’s appearance to be. So, if you need to meet higher standards, the team at Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing Company in Columbia, MO, can help you choose the suitable roofing material for your building. They will also install it correctly and provide roof maintenance services so that you don’t have any problems down the road.


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What to consider before installing a metal roof

Metal roof installation is a necessity in Columbia, Missouri. The metal roofing system provides your commercial building with an additional layer of protection from the elements while also offering you a modern finish to match any interior design theme.

There are many different factors to consider before installing a metal roof by commercial roofing missouri, but the most important thing is ensuring that it’s done right and meets your needs. The location also matters because some areas may be more prone to wind, rain, hail, and other elements.

It would be best to consider how much maintenance it will need because metal roofs require a lot of care. The panels are heavy, and you may have to remove snow or ice from the roof, which can be difficult with all that weight on your shoulders. Also, if water is allowed to build up around the base of these panels, it might corrode them over time. Aside from that, it would help if you also considered ventilation because metal roofs tend to be hotter than other materials. With the help of a commercial roofing expert in Columbia, MO, you will be able to get the right help about metal roofing for your business and keep it in good shape.

Metal roof maintenance and how to spot a leak

A metal roof is a beautiful way to change the look of your commercial business completely. It’s not just about looks, though: metal roofs also provide an extremely durable exterior roofing. A well-maintained roof can last 20 years or more. However, because of aging and environmental conditions, a metal roof can begin to leak.

There are many maintenance items that your commercial business needs to keep up with for the roofing system on top of your company’s building to perform at its best and last as long as possible. One crucial thing is inspecting it regularly for any signs of leaks, especially after significant weather events, such as storms or hurricanes.

You may be wondering what the signs of a leak might be. Below are some typical indications that you have roofing leaks:

  • leaking sounds coming from under your metal roof
  • peeling paint on the ceiling or walls
  • discoloration of ceilings
  • a musty or mold-like smell in your office building

If you have noticed that there is damage to your metal roofing system, it’s best to call Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing Company for help right away to have your roof inspected! No matter what type of metal roofing system you have, it will be done with care and precision. So give us a call today at (573) 282-7727 so that we can assist with your commercial metal roof!

Metal roofing is a long-lasting and excellent option in Columbia, MO

With the proper installation and maintenance, your metal roof will last for decades. Metal roofing is also an excellent investment and will save you money on energy bills in the future. This type of material does not conduct heat like other materials do, meaning that it won’t trap any warmth from escaping your store or office. It also helps to reduce noise levels by dampening sound waves before they enter your building.

However, while installing a metal roof is more expensive than other roofs – such as tile or shingles – it could be worth the cost for its durability and energy efficiency. It can be challenging to make this decision without doing some consultation first.

After all, you want to find the best service that will fit your budget and solve any roof problems that may exist. Luckily, we here at Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing company are experts in metal roof installation services and offer quality workmanship at an affordable price!

We invite you to look around our site to see what we can do for your home or business today! So read on if you would like more information about our metal roof installation missouri and what materials we recommend for common issues. You can also contact us at (573) 282-7727 or fill up the online contact form to get a free quote today.

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