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Thanks for stopping by Titan Commercial & Residential Roofing! We’re proud to call Boone County home and be your roof repair company. Problems with roofs are never convenient, but they always happen at the worst time possible. Don’t worry though: we’ll fix it–you can count on us! 

Titan is a commercial roofing contractor proudly serving homeowners in beautiful communities like yours throughout Missouri for years now. 

Let our experienced team help you today so that we can look at your specific problem area as well as provide an estimate of how much fixing any damage will cost if needed.


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Professional Roofer in Columbia, MISSOURI

Want a residential roofing company in Columbia, MO that has highly trained roofers and repair professionals? Then look no further. We provide roof services for leaky roofs, tear offs, and more!

You can feel confident that with just one phone call, your residential roofing problems will be eliminated and our friendly staff will be happy to guide you and provide you with a 100% free quote!

You don’t have to go far in Columbia, Missouri to find a roofing contractor. But if you want the best residential and commercial roofing contactor around then we’re it! We are licensed, insured and bonded, so our customers can rest assured that they’re getting top quality service from us. In addition, we have a new office which is a roofing company springfield mo, where we are ready to provide roof repair springfield mo!

Residential Roofing Services

A roof is a structure that covers the top of your home. It protects you and all those inside from weather, such as rain or snow; it also helps to keep out pests like birds who might want in for nesting purposes! A residential contractor will help with everything related: installation (or replacement), roof maintenance plans if needed due age/conditioning issues etc., repairs when necessary – they’ll even clean up after themselves so there’s no mess left behind at any time during their visit(s).

Residential Roofing Materials

They can be made of asphalt, concrete tiles (also known as clay tile), metal or slate. The type you choose will depend on your budget and the style that suits both what’s best for now but also in terms with how it’ll age over time – some types are better suited to last longer than others due their durability etc., so a contractor should know which is right based off experience/knowledge gained from years working within this field!

They might recommend one material vs another depending upon certain factors such like cost-effectiveness; longevity when exposed under different weather conditions, ease of installation, etc. A typical residential roofing customer may not have enough knowledge about these things themselves without help and that’s why we are here to make sure you make a well though out informative decision.

How The Climate Can Effect your Roof Type Decisions 

Climate can effect what type of roofing you choose for your home. For instance, if it rains a lot in the area where you live then there is more risk that your shingle roofs will leak and need to be replaced sooner than someone who lives somewhere with less rain like Arizona or Nevada.

The climate also has an impact on how long materials last – some types are better suited at lasting longer under certain conditions and exposure when exposed during different weather condition. Experienced and professional  residential roofing missouri like ourselves already know which material would work best depending upon experience/knowledge gained from years working within this field.

The 3 Layers of a Residential Roof Installation

A typical residential roof consists of three layers: an underlayment for insulation; a water-resistant membrane to prevent leaks; and shingles or other coverings

The first layer is called an “underlayer” or “felt paper” which provides protection against leaks from water seeping through cracks in your home’s foundation as well preventing ice dams during winter months when snow melts off roofs onto houses’ lower levels where it can cause damage to ceilings/floors or more if not prevented by this protective barrier that prevents moisture buildup on top surfaces like wood decks & siding etc…

This also helps prevent rot for wooden structures underneath certain things because they’re exposed directly with rainwater runoff without any type of insulation between them so you want something there protecting those areas too at all times!

In conclusion, we are your best choice for commercial roofing missouri in Columbia, because of our dedication to customer service and the quality workmanship that goes into every job.

We have a wide range from residential roofs all over town as well commercial buildings too!

We also offer free estimates on any type or size project you may need done so don’t hesitate – call us today at (573) 282-7727 with questions about anything related: including pricing & scheduling an appointment time slot right away if needed! You won’t regret it!!! 🙂

Titan Commercial and Residential Roofing is here to solve all your residential roofing needs! Get in touch today!

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