3 Reasons to Consider a Roof Replacement for Your Springfield Home

Springfield residents know that roofs take a heavy beating from the elements. To protect your roof and the rest of your home, you’ll likely need to replace your roof after storm damage, severe weather, or regular wear and tear. But what should you know about roof replacement? Here are three reasons to consider before deciding to go on with a roof replacement.

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Knowing When You Should Replace Your Roof

Knowing just when to replace a roof is critical information to know. There are several signs that indicate roof replacement is in order, such as:

  • Bucking and curling shingles: Bucked shingles occur when moisture in the attic space causes nails to push out of place and loosen the shingle. This compromises the shingles’ performance and exposes the roof to the elements, which can result in leaks and even more moisture damage.
  • Algae growth: Bacteria from algae eat through the shingles, especially if they are low-cost shingles that are made primarily of limestone. According to the Department of Energy, cool roofs are more susceptible to algae formation, although any roof color can experience algae growth.
  • Missing granules: Asphalt roofing shingles are made up of tiny granules. When these granules come loose, it can impact the shingles’ performance. You can locate missing granulates by looking for fragments in the gutter system.
  • Missing shingles: Professional roofing contractors are highly skilled at roofing installation and keeping shingles in place. However, these can blow away in the wind or become loose as they age. Missing shingles can allow rainwater into the home.
  • Mold in the attic: This is one of the most concerning aspects of roof replacement. Mold forms in areas such as the rafter beams and the plywood on the underside of the roof.

Reduction Of Your Energy Bills

If your roof is old and underperforming, roof replacement can help lower energy bills. It’s ideal that the attic remains close to the outside temperature, but overheating during the summer is a sign of inadequate ventilation. This can directly cause the HVAC to work in overdrive. A new roof lowers energy bills with ventilation and sound materials that prevent excess drafts and water leaks.

New Roofing Is A Good Investment

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Quality roofing is one of the top remodeling projects undertaken here in Texas. New roof installation includes:

  • Ice dam prevention in the winter.
  • Increased curb appeal with varying shingle colors that add depth to the home.
  • Improved home value with 60%+ ROI.
  • Potential energy savings with professional roof installation and attic ventilation.
  • Quality roofing replacement is designed to last for a lifetime

You will benefit tremendously from taking advantage of the services that roof replacement contractors have to offer. If there is significant damage on your roof, you’ll want to get it fixed immediately to avoid further problems. Titan Roofing will replace your roof so you can rest confidently as many problems are resolved and this new roof maintains an excellent condition for as long as possible. Contact us today to discuss roof replacement.

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