Support Local: 5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company in Springfield

The homes we live in are our greatest asset! We raise our children in these homes. We build memories and share experiences in these homes. We must be able to trust the companies we hire to do work on our homes. We must also be able to believe what they tell us and hold faithful to the promises they make. 

How do you know if you can trust a roofing contractor, secondly, why should you hire a local one? 

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Beware of Traveling Roofers

After severe weather hits our community, we may feel the urge to trust the door-to-door roofing salesmen promising a new roof quickly for a low, low price. Please use caution when dealing with these companies. They like to prey on the devastation and the saddened homeowner can become a victim. Where are these companies when the roof was installed improperly? Where can they be found when it is time for a yearly inspection? Do they offer a warranty on their products? 

Unfortunately, fly-by-night, storm-chasing roofing companies are nothing new.  Many times. these roofing companies cannot be found after they drive off your property. They “take the money and run”. 

Placing your trust in a local roofing company will ensure they are available when you need them. We are Titan Roofing in Springfield. When it comes to your roof and home, make sure you trust the craftsmanship of our professional crew. We strive to offer exceptional craftsmanship, driving to do the best job possible, every time. 

Rules, Regulations, and Permits

Hiring a local contractor means you can place your trust in a company that knows the local rules and regulations for working on a residential or commercial property. We understand permits are needed to stay within the proper guidelines. If you hire an out-of-town contractor, the rules may be different, and you may end up with fines. 

The permits can be confusing regarding roof replacement vs. roof maintenance. Why trust anyone else besides those that work with the local government on each job? Not only do we strive to follow the rules and regulations, but we are also Atlas Shingle Certified, IB Roofing Certified, and have an A+ rating with the BBB


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We all have that close-knit group of friends and neighbors we turn to when needing advice on a new project. Roofing is no different. Titan Roofing understands that word-of-mouth communication between neighbors is going to happen. That is why we strive to meet the standards of all those we do business with. We have references available and our reviews speak for themselves. 

Here are what some of our former customers have said:

“Very friendly and communicated well through the process of the estimate and scheduling.”

“Immensely pleased with their services!”

“So pleased with the work I will tell my family and friends about your company.”

Better Craftmanship

Working in the Springfield area can have its challenges, but we seek to defeat these obstacles to provide the best products and services we can for you, our customers! Our installers are thoroughly trained and have exceptional customer service. This is what makes us stand out from our competition!

Every home is different and therefore, the needs of every homeowner are different. Give us a call today to learn how we can best meet your particular needs. We are not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied. You can count on us to provide you with the best products, skilled service, and warranties. 


It is helpful to have a contractor to call upon when repairs are needed urgently. Trusting a local company to respond quickly and efficiently to your roofing needs is vital. Communication and guidance through difficult times can help ease the stress and anxiety storms tend to bring. 

Communication is also important when regular maintenance is desired. It is wise to keep your home on a yearly routine maintenance schedule, and making that simple phone call to your local contractor to schedule a yearly inspection is helpful.

We strive to be at the forefront of advanced roofing technologies, offering the best in value to you and your home. We are the roofing contractor to be trusted with your roofing needs and seek your complete satisfaction. Call Titan Roofing today to discuss your next roofing project! We look forward to working with you! 

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